Right here on our website! We’ll ship directly to your home, and our subscriptions make it super easy for those of us suffering from “mom/dad brain.” Food for your little ones will arrive on autopilot! Of course, you can bypass a subscription and order at your leisure instead. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive information on specials and promotions. We can also be found at WhatsGood in Chicago, along with Here Here Market’s website. We will continue rolling out at retailers and grocers regionally and nationally, so make sure to stay up-to-date via our website, newsletter and social channels.

Globowl meals are good for a year! And you never have to worry about preservatives or ingredients you can’t pronounce. The cooking process we utilize allows food to maintain shelf stability for 12 months (although there’s no way your kid will be able to wait that long!).

Research shows that introducing babies as early as four to six months to the top allergens, including egg, peanuts, tree nuts (i.e. cashews or almonds), soy, sesame, wheat and fish, may actually mitigate the possibility of developing food allergies. This practice is now recommended by pediatricians and the USDA, and follows what many other countries have already been practicing (and whose rates of childhood food allergies are substantially lower). We encourage you to conduct your own research by checking out studies and data from The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, the USDA, etc. and always contact your pediatrician when introducing new foods, or if you have any questions pertaining to the health of your child. If your child has a history of eczema, or there is a family history of food allergies, speak with your pediatrician prior to the introduction of allergenic foods.

We are incredibly proud of the chef advisory board we have assembled. Chefs who specialize in regional cuisine from all over the world advise us on the authenticity of our recipes.

Experts say that an allergen introduction routine should start as early as four to six months. These foods include egg, peanuts, tree nuts (i.e. cashews and almonds), soy, sesame, wheat, fish and other seafood. It is imperative that food be served in a child-safe way - think soft scrambled eggs or peanut butter diluted with warm water. Globowl meals are an effective way to introduce real allergenic foods into your child’s diet. Feed allergens one at a time when starting out so you can gauge your little one’s reaction (or lack thereof). Of course, please consult your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns about your baby, and prior to the introduction of allergens, speak to them about what steps to take should your child develop an adverse reaction.

Yes! The world is as vast as our palates, and we have every intention of introducing new international recipes to our future foodies on a regular basis.

We love that there are myriad healthy baby food options sold in-store and online these days! We are proud that our food is all-natural, preservative-free, low-sodium and naturally-sweetened using organic ingredients. What makes us different is that we’re committed to introducing children to culture through food via our authentic international meals. We are thrilled that our customers are enjoying quintessential regional dishes like Pad Thai and Tikka Masala. We are also focused on early allergen introduction as recommended by pediatricians and the USDA. We like to do this through real, whole ingredients, and not just powders. And as a shelf-stable food, we boast a convenient product that allows parents to go about their day without needing to temperature control the food. Lastly, we are a women- and mom-owned and led company committed to sustainability and leaving this earth cleaner and better than we found it. Our glass jars are reusable (perfect for spices, jams or honey!) and recyclable.

Absolutely! Globowl’s glass jars are reusable AND recyclable. Feel free to use our adorable square jars to store jelly, jam, honey, snacks or anything else that will fit (we know there are itty bitty Lego pieces all over your home!). We are committed to sustainability and leaving the world better than we found it. As such, we are pursuing our B-Corp status as a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

The health and safety of our children is our number one priority, along with the health of our planet. Unlike pouches, Globowl’s packaging is earth-friendly, reusable and recyclable. We are also passionate advocates of children eating their food instead of drinking it. When a child drinks from a pouch, they are not learning how to chew, thus stifling muscle development. It also hinders palate development as they are not learning how to taste, let alone enjoy, different flavors and ingredients. Lastly, drinking food vs. chewing it encourages overeating and sets children up for unhealthy food habits down the line.

Globowl uses a high pressure, high heat method of cooking that allows the food to be naturally shelf stable without the use of any preservatives. Our manufacturer operates under FDA jurisdiction and our shelf-stable food meets all manufacturing requirements.

Nope! As our food is conveniently shelf-stable, you can just pop the top and go. Once opened, food should be refrigerated and consumed within two or three days.

We always want you to be happy with your Globowl meals! We accept returns of unopened and unused products within 30 days of the date of purchase. If a product is delivered with a quality concern or is past the expiration date, please contact us at info@theglobowl.com so that we may confirm details regarding your concern. Once confirmed, we will replace the ordered products with the same or similar product at no cost to you. Keep in mind: these policies are for purchases made on our website. For Globowl purchases made elsewhere, please refer to that retailers' return policy.

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