Why Globowl?

  • 4 jars of globowl baby food with "pack your appetite" and "'round the world" stamps

    International Flavors

    Globowl’s line of internationally-inspired baby & toddler meals help introduce diverse flavors of the world to your little one from the very beginning.

  • a bowl of globowl food surrounded by icons of shrimp, peanut, egg and logos for The American Academy of Pediatrics and the USDA

    Allergenic Ingredients

    As recommended by the USDA and American Academy of Pediatrics, our chef-crafted, pediatrician-backed meals intentionally include small amounts of allergenic ingredients that help mitigate food allergies down the line.

  • baby with food on their face next to 3 enlarged photos of Globowl baby food on colorful spoons

    Stimulating Textures

    We talked to the experts and they all agree that safely-sized, textural food meant for spoon-feeding encourages oral motor development instead of stifling it (which is what happens when babies drink food out of pouches).

  • empty glass jar with recycling symbol and photo of hands with gloves holding microplastic pieces

    Kid-Safe Materials

    Each recyclable glass jar of Globowl contains a full, nutrient-rich, balanced meal without a side of leached micro- and nano-plastics. We feel good knowing that our food comes from hygienic glass jars and not single-use plastic. Better for baby, better for the earth.

  • heart and female icons next to a photo of globowl team members Johanna and Erica

    Mom-Founded, Women-Led

    Erica Bethe Levin founded Globowl out of a desire to bring internationally-inspired recipes to a new generation of future foodies, expanding their palates and teaching them about our diverse and beautiful world along the way.

  • parents' pick awards 2024 winner logo, 5 stars and a photo of a mother and child with a jar of globowl

    Parents Love Globowl

    “Dream come true! ... Globowl has created delicious flavor combinations that allow children to get early exposure to a variety of palate-pleasing ingredients. I couldn’t recommend this product more.”

    —James Sanigular, dad to an 11-month-old