Upcycle your Globowl Glass Jars

Upcycle your Globowl Glass Jars

Sustainability is one of the driving factors in our decision to use glass jars. By choosing glass, Globowl is not only safeguarding the health of your little ones (see our blog series here on glass vs. plastic pouches addressing microplastics), but also encouraging consumers to participate in sustainability efforts like reusing and recycling. Glass is a non-reactive material, meaning it does not interact chemically with the food it contains and can be reused over and over again; glass can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality or integrity. 

Our baby food jars can be repurposed in many creative and practical ways. One popular idea is to use them for storage. These small jars can hold a variety of items in the kitchen such as spices, herbs, honey, jams or even your espresso, like Erica, founder of Globowl, does daily!

The jars are perfect to use in the playroom for the kids' small craft supplies like beads, buttons, and even those little Lego® pieces. Create a functional work space in the garage with neatly labeled jars for nuts, bolts and other small items like rubber bands. By labeling the jars and arranging them neatly, you can create an organized and visually appealing storage solution for your kitchen, craft room or workshop.

Another fantastic way to upcycle baby food jars is by transforming them into decorative items. For instance, you can make candle holders by filling the jars with wax and adding a wick, or simply dropping in a simple tealight candle. Decorate the exterior with paint, ribbons or fabric to match your home decor. Additionally, you can create mini terrariums, succulent planters or propagation vessels. These tiny glass containers are perfect for housing small items and they make the perfect decorations for window sills, desks, or as unique party favors.

Lastly, baby food jars can be used in DIY projects for the holidays or special occasions. They can be turned into festive ornaments, tiny gift containers or personalized keepsakes. You could fill them with candy, homemade bath salts or lotion and give them as thoughtful gifts. You might also use them to create mini snow globes by gluing a small figurine to the lid, adding water and glitter, and sealing it tightly. The possibilities are endless, and with a bit of creativity, those small jars can find new life and purpose around your home.

Overall, the use of glass jars reflects Globowl's commitment to providing safe, high-quality, and eco-friendly baby food options. Share how you are reusing and upcycling your Globowl jars on social media and tag us!