Erica Bethe Levin - Episode 1- 4 of Food Stars Recap

Erica Bethe Levin - Episode 1- 4 of Food Stars Recap

We're excited to keep you updated every week as Erica Bethe Levin, our founder and CEO, competes on FOX's Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars.

Tune in every Wednesday on FOX at 9/8c, and stream the next day on Hulu for your new binge-worthy show! 

Episode 1 Recap: Pitch for Your Life

In the thrilling premiere, hopeful entrepreneurs pitched their businesses to mentors Gordon Ramsay and Lisa Vanderpump, competing for one of the coveted spots on their teams.

Erica confidently presented Globowl to the icons. Gordon sampled our Baby Spice's Bean Bowl, while Lisa enjoyed our Veggie Tikka Masala. You can watch the full pitch here!!

We're thrilled to announce that Erica has officially joined...Team Vanderpump (one burgeoning female powerhouse being mentored by the biggest female powerhouse!). We're eager to share her journey through each challenge and reveal how far she goes in the competition.

Lisa Vanderpump praised Erica, calling her a "go-getter" and saying, "she knows what she wants and she's going to get it; that's the kind of person I want on my team." The competition is about to get fierce!


Erica's Reflection:

"Other than the birth of my two children, my wedding, and the Cubs winning the World Series, the 10 or so minutes I had pitching to Gordon and Lisa were the highlight of my life. To have a platform like this, to share the Globowl mission of teaching kids about the world and all of its people, culture, and customs through food - well, I can't quite find the words to express how special it is and how honored I truly am. I am a mom on a mission." - Erica Bethe Levin

Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes insights as Erica takes on this incredible journey!


Episode 2 Recap: The Bootcamp Begins

In this episode, each team created a brand-new business in a profit-based challenge. Both teams had to develop a bespoke menu that they marketed and sold to a group of hungry customers.

Team Vanderpump launched an Italian food truck called "Mid-Day Amore: Italian Lunch for Lovers." The day was far from easy, as it was the coldest day in England during filming, and the wind blew people's orders away. However, the effort proved to be worth it in the end.

Team Ramsay spent $463, while Lisa’s team spent $568. Team Ramsay’s sales were $1,172, resulting in a profit of $709. Team Vanderpump’s sales were $1,967, earning a profit of $1,399, almost double Team Ramsay's! Erica and her team were safe for this week's challenge!


Episode 3 Recap: Bar Wars


In this challenge, each team had 24 hours to create a concept bar, judged solely on customer feedback. This challenge was particularly significant for Lisa Vanderpump, an icon in the bar and restaurant world.

Team Ramsay's bar was called "The Desert Hide-Out," while our team created "The Pour Palace," inspired by a tipsy tea party theme.

Three experts, posing as customers, secretly evaluated the bars. The experts were Esther Di Maggio, head of operations for Funicular Productions; Shannon Tebay, head of Beverages at Outernet London; and JJ Goodman, founder of the London Cocktail Club.


Erica's Reflection:

Watching the other team's bar on TV was amazing! In hindsight, there are countless things we could've done differently. The incident with the exploding bottle of sparkling water was... interesting—did someone shake it on purpose? It has NEVER happened to me before!

The stress we all felt was intense and became even more apparent when I dropped the plates. Unfortunately, many good moments were cut from the episode.

My first grilling was particularly tough, leaving me with the surreal urge to pinch myself while simultaneously wanting to hide. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience!


Episode 4: Recipe Showdown

This week's challenge brought a whirlwind of excitement as we took on the task of creating a recipe and leading a live cook-a-long demo for Delish—talk about feeling the heat!

Each team showcased their creativity by developing a Fourth-of-July themed recipe and hosting a live-streamed cooking demonstration, reaching viewers across the UK and the U.S.

Our recipe had to be user-friendly for home cooks and had to be completed within a tight 30-minute timeframe. Some of us delved into media and marketing duties, while others, myself included, got hands-on in the kitchen and led the live-stream. Our team decided on marinated shrimp skewers, though I had initially suggested a twist on the classic lobster roll using shrimp. Meanwhile, Team Ramsay opted for a burger for the challenge.

Our esteemed judges, Carissa Tozzi, Delish's executive content editor, and Robert Seixas, the food director, added a layer of anticipation to the experience. We were eager to see how our creation would impress these culinary experts.

This was our second time facing the grueling room, and I'm hopeful we won't have to go back anytime soon! Stay tuned for more updates!