Groundbreaking Study Reveals Early Introduction of Peanut Foods Prevents Adolescent Peanut Allergy

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Early Introduction of Peanut Foods Prevents Adolescent Peanut Allergy

Did you know that feeding children peanut products regularly and frequently starting at four months old through age 5 reduced the rate of peanut allergies in adolescence by 71%

This has been scientifically proven! A recent study, the LEAP Trio-Study led by Dr. Gideon Lack, provides conclusive evidence that starting babies on peanut foods early and keeping it in their diet regularly (at least 3 times per week) until age 5, achieves long-term peanut allergy prevention through adolescence, even without continued consumption of peanut beyond 5 years of age.

“Today’s findings should reinforce parents’ and caregivers’ confidence that feeding their young children peanut products beginning in infancy according to established guidelines can provide lasting protection from peanut allergy,” said NIAID Director Jeanne Marrazzo, M.D., M.P.H. “If widely implemented, this safe, simple strategy could prevent tens of thousands of cases of peanut allergy among the 3.6 million children born in the United States each year.”

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Reference: G Du Toit et al. Early peanut introduction for allergy prevention: Follow-up to adolescence. NEJM Evidence DOI: 10.1056/EVIDoa2300311 (2024).