So what is the “Flavor Window?”

The flavor window is a stage of childhood development where babies ages 6-18 months are most receptive to exploring new flavors, textures, and spices.

This is the very beginning of a little one's eating journey, and it is the most opportune time to influence the way your baby eats for the rest of their life.

Set the stage for a lifetime of diverse eating

Introducing your child to new flavors, textures and spices (food that actually tastes good!) during the flavor window not only avoids picky eating behavior, but it sets them up for a lifetime of healthy, diverse eating.

Avoid texture aversions

For the past few generations, American baby food has been sanitized down to mushy purées in a jar; and more recently, purées in a plastic pouch. When children drink their food out of a pouch, they are not learning essential chewing and swallowing skills. This leads to subsequent texture aversions, bad eating habits and poor oral hygiene (the same reason you have to remove a pacifier at some point). 

Share culture with your family

Globowl goes beyond the plate, building a better, more welcoming tomorrow. Our mission – to spark a curiosity about the world through internationally-inspired baby and toddler food – is more critical than ever in today’s fractured world. 

Through Globowl, our kids get to explore various regions of the world and embrace food as the ultimate connector. While our planet feels hopelessly divided and the future uncertain, Globowl provides hope and a way to emphasize that what connects us is greater than all else, that food is a universal unifier, and that these teachings begin with baby's first bites. If early introduction to allergens and flavor can stave off picky eating and allergies, early introduction to other parts of the world and the beautiful cultures and people within it can lead to open-mindedness, curiosity, tolerance, acceptance….and change.

So can a jar of baby food change the world? We don’t know. Maybe? But we DO know that it can open and shape the minds of those who will one day be running it.

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