Picky Eating Prevention

Babies aged 6-18 months are most receptive to exploring new flavors – it’s called the Flavor Window. By offering big flavors, spices and food that actually tastes good, your child is more likely to become a more adventurous eater (and have a more nutritionally diverse diet) for life.

Mitigate Food Allergies

The latest pediatric feeding guidelines recommend an “early and often” approach to common food allergens as the best way to prevent future food allergies (as recommended by the USDA and American Academy of Pediatrics). Globowl meals feature small amounts of common allergens like soy, egg and sesame to mitigate food allergies down the line. The more we strip these out, and the more sanitized baby food gets, the more kids suffer from food allergies.

Better for Oral Motor Development

Globowl meals are specifically crafted to a safe texture and size for babies, and made for spoon feeding. This is important for developing oral motor muscles, which are stifled by drinking out of a spouted pouch! Spoon feeding and chewing are important for speech and oral motor development, and to prevent future “texture issue” aversions.

See What the Experts Are Saying

  • Payal Adhikari, M.D., Board Certified Pediatrician & Mom

    “As a pediatrician and mom, I have been waiting for something like Globowl; encouraging the early introduction of allergens, as well as visually and texturally varied food is the recipe we want for adventurous eaters!”

  • Sejal Patel, DDS, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist & Mom

    “Pouches are bad. It’s too much consumption in one sitting and presents a high risk for cavities... At a young age, this soft diet can lead to poor facial muscle development contributing to poor speech, poor facial bone development, airway issues, and orthodontic issues. This all in addition to the poor dietary habits it can create as well. Kids should eat their food, not drink it.”

  • Corinne Vargas, CCC-SLP, MS, Speech Pathologist

    "When introducing solid foods to your baby, it's important to offer a variety of textures. Your baby needs practice to learn how to chew and manipulate food. These skills are important, not only for feeding, but also speech development. By introducing different textures, you'll be encouraging your child to accept a wider range of foods as they grow, and supporting them in developing their verbal communication skills."

  • Lara Field, MS, RDN, Registered Dietician

    “One of the best gifts we can give our kids is an exposure to a variety of flavors and textures in infancy. Globowl is the first step in providing our children a diverse, nutrient-dense palate for their future.”

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