Chef Tigist Reda is a rising culinary talent known for her expertise in Ethiopian cuisine. With a passion for showcasing the vibrant flavors and cultural richness of her heritage, Reda has garnered recognition for her innovative approach to traditional Ethiopian dishes at her esteemed restaurant, Demera, ranked by Chicago Magazine as one of the top restaurants in Chicago. Her culinary journey began in her family's restaurant, and she has since honed her skills through formal training and hands-on experience. Reda's commitment to preserving culinary traditions while infusing her own creative twists has earned her acclaim and admiration in the food industry, making her a captivating figure to watch in the culinary world.

Where do you live now? Chicago.

Where are you from? Tigray, Ethiopia.

Favorite thing to eat as a child: Doro Wot sauce with hardboiled egg.

Quick culinary background: She learned the secrets of the traditional since very young age. I am the seventh of eleven children in the family and her family was constituted with twenty members in the household. Having a family this big, the cooking process was a routine that included preparing meals from scratch.

Since the very young years I was a good helper in the kitchen, assisting her elders in the preparation of the meals, who transfer their knowledge of spices and ingredients of Ethiopian food.

Favorite cuisine to eat: I love Ethiopian food. Asian is my next favorite

Favorite cuisine to cook: Ethiopian food.

Where is your favorite place to travel? Anything with water. Any new place to discover food and culture.

Why is food important to you? Brings people together.

Why Globowl? Kids can be introduced from early on to different textures, flavors, cuisine and culture.

Anything else we should know? I have a passion for giving back to the community and was most recently a part of fundraising. I also in partnership with the Healthcare Professional Network for Tigray (HPN4Tigray) has been supporting nutrition and medicine for people affected by war in Tigray and the refugee camp in Sudan.

What is your claim to fame? Doing humanitarian work.