Chef Dan is a classically-trained chef and Charlie Trotter's alum who has spent the past 20 years developing CPG products for companies like Unilever, Kraft, Red Lobster, Jimmy John's and Panera.

Where are you from? Highland Park, Illinois.

Where do you live now? Cary, Illinois.

Favorite thing to eat as a child: Fresh garden tomatoes.

Quick culinary background: 50 years from dish washer to having my own culinary consulting company. Although the way, I did a few of these things: Golden Bear, Hard Knocks, CIA, Charlie Trotter's, Unilever and Heinz.

Favorite cuisine to eat: Anything freshly picked from my garden.

Favorite cuisine to cook: Anything freshly picked from my garden, with whatever inspires me: Asian one day, Mexican the next, etc.

Where is your favorite place to travel? National forests.

Why is food important to you? Food is essential to life, health and happiness.

Why Globowl? Because I deeply believe in Globowl's mission to raise children to have open minds and healthy bodies. Tolerance is taught early with food and carries over to life.

Anything else we should know? I love funghi!!!!

What is your claim to fame? After 64 years of all of this, I managed for 35 of them to be both a devoted husband to my wife, Judy, and father to my kids, George and Anna, for 35 years!