Catherine DeOrio is a renowned culinary expert, TV host, and food enthusiast. With a diverse background in the culinary industry, including experience as a chef, food writer, and restaurant consultant, DeOrio has established herself as a prominent figure in the food world. She gained widespread recognition as the host of the Emmy-nominated TV show "Check, Please!," where she skillfully navigated conversations about food and dining with guests. She Known for her warm and engaging personality, DeOrio brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her work, inspiring audiences and promoting the joys of culinary exploration. Her expertise and charismatic presence continue to make her a beloved and respected figure in the food industry. She is the Executive Director of the Kendall College Trust, supporting young chefs going to culinary school

Where do you live now: Chicago, IL

Where are you from: Originally from Chicago, IL, but I moved around a lot before returning to the Windy City.

Favorite thing to eat as a child: If you can believe it, I loved vegetables…especially Brussels sprouts, artichokes and hearts of palm.

Quick culinary background: I grew up in a large Italian family, so cooking was an important part of day-to-day life. After an unfulfilling career as an attorney, I attended culinary school, changed careers and have never looked back. I have worked in the culinary field as a chef, food stylist, food writer/critic, recipe developer and television host/food personality. Additionally, I run a foundation called Foundation for Culinary Arts that provides culinary training to high school students from under-resourced parts of Chicago.

Favorite cuisine to eat: Italian, followed by Middle Eastern and Thai.

Favorite cuisine to cook: Mediterranean (east and west!).

Where is your favorite place to travel? I love traveling to places that have strong food cultures; anywhere in the Mediterranean.

Why is food important to you? Not only is it the very thing that quite literally dictates the quality of our life, but it also serves as a way to enhance our lives through shared meals with friends and families and broaden our horizons through the cuisine and its cultural Origins.

Why Globowl? Globowl offers solutions to serious challenges in a FUN package. Ensuring children are getting exposure to a variety of flavors at a young age helps reduce the pickiness of their palates as they get older. This is beneficial as it ensures that they are getting the diversity of food that is necessary for a healthy diet. That coupled with the educational aspect of teaching both parents and children about the origins of the ingredients broadens their minds and cultural awareness. The development of an open mind to the new or other is of paramount importance for all of our futures and Globowl sets out to accomplish this in a fun and tasty way!

What is your claim to fame? Although I hosted an Emmy Award-winning food TV show in Chicago, my personal claim to fame is that I dined at Per Se in NYC twice in one day - I indulged in the vegetarian menu for lunch followed by the dinner menu plus supplements and wine pairings! Ahh, to be young with a good metabolism!