Manufactured's re:COGs Podcast: Spicing Up Baby Food

Manufactured's re:COGs Podcast: Spicing Up Baby Food

Jars of Joy

The Story Behind Globowl's Mission to Expand Tiny Taste Buds

Spicing Up Baby Food: Globowl’s Journey to Revolutionize Early Eating Habits

In the latest episode of the re:COGs podcast, host Mike Gelb sits down with Erica Bethe Levin, the visionary founder and CEO of Globowl a company that’s shaking up the baby food industry with its internationally-inspired flavors and textures. This engaging conversation dives deep into Erica’s journey from a food-loving mom to a trailblazing entrepreneur, offering invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs of launching a CPG brand in a competitive market.

From Personal Experience to Market Opportunity

Erica’s story begins with her own children and the stark contrast in their eating habits. Her first child became a picky eater, while her second, introduced to diverse flavors from the start, developed an adventurous palate. This personal experience, coupled with the discovery of a crucial “flavor window” between 4 and 18 months, sparked the idea for Globowl. Erica recognized a gap in the market for baby food that truly reflected the global culinary landscape and set out to fill it.

Navigating the Manufacturing Maze

One of the most significant hurdles Erica faced was finding the right manufacturing partner. She shares her journey of “kissing a lot of frogs” before finding a co-manufacturer that could bring her vision to life. The process involved simplifying complex recipes like Pad Thai for tots while maintaining the essence of international flavors. Erica’s persistence in finding a partner who understood her vision highlights the importance of aligning with the right collaborators in the CPG world.

Retail Strategy: Building Trust Through Shelf Presence

Globowl’s go-to-market strategy focused primarily on retail presence, with Erica emphasizing the importance of being on trusted store shelves to build consumer confidence. She discusses the challenges of standing out in a crowded baby food aisle and the strategic decisions behind Globowl’s packaging and messaging. The use of glass jars, for instance, not only differentiates the product visually but also aligns with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and child safety.

Pricing for Premium: Balancing Value and Accessibility

Erica provides fascinating insights into Globowl’s pricing strategy, aiming to position the product as premium while remaining accessible. She details how they landed on a $5.99 price point, considering factors like ingredient quality, packaging costs, and retailer margins. This strategic pricing approach demonstrates the delicate balance CPG brands must strike between perceived value and market competitiveness.

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges

The conversation touches on the global supply chain crisis and how Globowl managed to navigate these turbulent waters. Erica’s approach to inventory management and working capital offers valuable lessons for entrepreneurs in the CPG space, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and strategic planning in the face of unforeseen challenges.

This episode of the re:COGs podcast offers a wealth of insights for entrepreneurs in the CPG space, particularly those looking to innovate in established markets. Erica Bethe Levin’s journey with Globowl serves as an inspiring example of how personal passion, coupled with strategic business acumen, can lead to the creation of a truly innovative product that fills a genuine market need.


Listen In as Mike and Erica Discuss:

  • The importance of the “flavor window” in developing children’s palates and how it inspired Globowl’s creation
  • Challenges in finding the right manufacturing partner and simplifying complex recipes for mass production
  • Retail-first strategy and the importance of shelf presence in building brand trust
  • Strategic pricing decisions to position Globowl as a premium yet accessible product
  • The use of glass jars as a differentiator and commitment to sustainability
  • Navigating supply chain challenges and managing inventory effectively
  • The importance of early allergen introduction in baby food
  • Balancing cash flow, inventory, and marketing funds in a growing CPG business