Tiny Tot Tastemakers: Elevating Everyday Eats with Globowl's Flavorful Fusion

Tiny Tot Tastemakers: Elevating Everyday Eats with Globowl's Flavorful Fusion

Hey there, foodie adventurers and culinary explorers! Are you ready to embark on a journey that will tickle your tiny tot’s taste buds and ignite their imagination? Put on your seatbelt as we take off and serve baby food on a whole new level of playful deliciousness!

At Globowl, we believe that food should not only nourish the body but also inspire your little ones’ sense of adventure. That's why our arrival is shaking up the baby food game with our internationally-inspired flavors that introduce your little ones to a world of tastes from around the globe (no passport needed). But who says baby food is just for babies? Certainly not us!  We've got some seriously fun ideas to extend the life of our baby food as they depart the baby phase and well into toddlerhood (and beyond)!  We even know some adults who love to eat Globowl!

Organic Baby Food Variety Pack

Do you want to dip your way through Central America? Grab some tortilla chips (store bought or homemade) and get ready to salsa your way through snack time. Our baby food makes for the perfect dip base, adding a creamy and nutritious twist to your favorite chip-and-dip combos. If you're a fan of our Baby Spice’s Bean Bowl or you're craving something from the Mediterranean like our Yaya’s Medi-bowl, there's a Globowl dip for every palate. Corn chips, nut-thins and woven wheat crackers are a nice way to switch things up like if you stay on board or disembark on a port of choice (mixing up puns for dancing, cruising and airplaning is fun).

Let's not forget about everyone's favorite carb companions: naan bread or crackers. The soft texture of naan is the perfect vehicle for showcasing the vibrant flavors of our baby food. Introducing different types of crackers is a fun way to introduce your little one to new tastes and textures in an interactive way.

You can serve a Globowl dipping flight - four delectable dipping tastes, try them all!  

Switch it up and serve Globowl creations as a topping! 

Whatever works for your little one and the chef of the house:  

  • On top of pasta - homemade, fresh, boxed, even chickpea pasta
  • On top of rice - white, brown, jasmine, etc 
  • On top of quinoa 
  • On top of chicken or salmon skewers


These flavor combinations will help you meal plan by using what you already have in the pantry, including our shelf-stable Globowl meals. 

We hope you agree that Globowl baby food is not just for babies. Using this blog post as a runway for creativity and a whole lot of flavor, you can extend the life of your Globowl meals well beyond toddlerhood.

We love to see your little one’s reactions to new tastes, textures and pairings - share on social media and tag us (or send us a DM) @theglobowl.