Jolly Adventures for Kids: A Holiday Guide to Experience Gifts

Jolly Adventures for Kids: A Holiday Guide to Experience Gifts

🎄 This Holiday season, unwrap the gift of joy with experiences that twinkle brighter than any holiday lights! Join us on a journey of shared moments and unforgettable adventures as we celebrate the magic of the season. From enchanting performances to exciting classes, and even memberships for year-round fun, make this holiday truly special with memories that last a lifetime. Also, a picture together - or it didn’t happen. 

Dad in red and white apron baking holiday cookies with toddler child

1. 🍪 Festive Baking or Cooking Extravaganza:

Transform your kitchen (or someone else’s) into a winter wonderland! Engage in a festive cookie decorating session, and then use those sweet treats to host a delightful tea party or share with neighbors. It's a hands-on experience that doubles as a delicious adventure. At Globowl, we LOVE food and the love and memories tied to trying new flavors. This experience of sweet smells, tastes and laughter IS better than anything you can unwrap.

2. ⛸️ Winter Wonderland Skating or Sledding:

Take advantage of the season and purchase tickets to a local ice-skating rink (where available). A winter adventure on the ice with hot cocoa and special time together IS the gift. For the little tots, consider a day of sledding or a gentle walk in a snowy park. Simple pleasures in a winter wonderland create lasting memories. 

3. 🎭 Tickets to a Play or Performance:

Empty theatre with balcony seats, orchestra seats and a set on the stage

Gift the little one an outing to a delightful holiday play or musical. The magic of live performances can captivate young hearts and create lasting memories. Check local theaters for family-friendly productions. You can even purchase tickets for a later date if your little one is really interested in seeing something specific. I remember taking my kids to a Disney on Ice production in Chicago years back - and an Elmo’s World live action play at a theater that is no longer there anymore - but we still have the memories!

4. 🤸‍♂️ New Gymnastics, Dance, Art, (Insert Activity Here) Class:

Surprise your little gymnast with enrollment in a new gymnastics class. It's not just an activity; it's a chance for them to discover new skills, make friends, and build confidence. There are all levels of classes available from the local YMCA level to Club Volleyball with professionals. Some high schools do fundraiser camps based on the activity as well - basketball, football, softball, etc. - to give little ones an entry level opportunity before signing up for the full annual commitment. If the little one is already committed to an organization, offer to pay for one month or one lesson as a gift from YOU.

5. 🎟️ Tickets to a Movie:

Plan a movie night with tickets to a much-anticipated film. Whether it's an animated adventure or a heartwarming holiday classic, the big screen experience adds an extra touch of magic to the season. This adventure, of course, requires a trip to the snack stand to get the popcorn and Icee drink (even an adult beverage for mom or dad, perhaps)!   

6. 🏛️ Museum, Zoo or Local Water Park Membership:

Turn every day into an adventure with a membership to a local museum or water park. Explore interactive exhibits, embark on educational journeys, or make a splash in the water park's wave pools. A gift that keeps on giving throughout the year! 

7. ⚾️ Tickets to a Sporting Event:

Mom and daughter as spectators watching a baseball game with popcorn

If your little one enjoys watching baseball on TV - make a plan to head to a game when the new season begins. Include a hat and a promise for peanuts and hotdogs - you can splurge and get ahead of the game by including their first mitt or football to practice before game day. Don’t forget: you can see some good games at a high school or a minor league game too.  

8. 🐄 Tour the Town:

Have a candy factory nearby? (I do). Go to a ‘behind the scenes’ experience at an ice cream factor or dairy farm; crayon or building block manufacturers also do tours. What fun to learn ‘how it’s made’ while making memories for life.  

9. 🛄 A Trip:

Kids of all ages create experiences by traveling and trying new things. You can gift a camping trip at a national park or rent an airbnb to spend a weekend together. Depending on how far you’re willing to go, traveling creates a deep understanding of other people and cultures that can change the world. 

10. 📦 Age Appropriate Magazine or Activity Subscription:

I remember getting Highlights magazines in the magic! It was the gift that kept on giving. There are a lot of creative activity subscription boxes where purchases support small businesses (which we love to do). Some of our favorites:

  • Little Passports (IG @littlepassports) - original stories and activities focused on geography, culture, science, and art. Little Passports is a mission-driven company inspired to empower children to discover new interests and celebrate the world we share.
  • KiWiCo (IG kiwico_inc) - Kid-tested and expert-designed crates activities to spark curiosity & discovery for kids aged 0-100!
  • Rally Felt Co. (IG rallyfeltco) - Literature-inspired felt sets that foster learning through literature and creative play. Each month includes a favorite piece of early children's literature and a custom series of felt pieces to accompany that book. Your children will use the felt to expand their learning through storytelling, problem solving, and making believe.

  • Grandma in white sweater and Santa hat in front of Christmas tree opening a present

    If you’re tired of racking your brain for gift ideas for grandparents and extended family and handing out toys that end up forgotten...this holiday season, be the gift-giver who creates lasting memories! Save and share this guide to unforgettable experiences for little ones. From cooking classes to memberships for year-round fun, these adventures will have them smiling all year long. 

    Pro tip: Always remember to consult with the parents first! These experiences may require time and travel commitments. You certainly don't want the present to go to waste or feel like a burden.