International Women’s Day -  We Are Celebrating our Globowl Women in Business!

International Women’s Day - We Are Celebrating our Globowl Women in Business!

Happy International Women’s Day from Globowl, where every day is an opportunity to celebrate the power of women and their invaluable contributions to society. Today, and everyday, Globowl stands as a proud women-founded and women-owned baby food company, powered by a team of strong, resilient, and determined women.

At Globowl, our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the way we nourish our little ones, guided by the passion and expertise of our founder. From humble beginnings, we have grown into a beacon of empowerment, fueled by the collective strength of our girl power staff featured below.  We welcome you to learn a little about each of our amazing leaders.

International Women's Day holds a special significance for us at Globowl, as it serves as a reminder of the remarkable achievements and progress made by women worldwide.As we gather to celebrate today, let us reflect on the journey of empowerment, resilience, and solidarity that defines Globowl. Together, let us continue to inspire, uplift, and empower women everywhere, today and every day. Happy International Women's Day! 

Erica Bethe Levin (she/her) - Founder and CEO

A three-time founder, Erica Bethe Levin lost her six-figure income during the pandemic and decided to take a huge risk in starting Globowl, an internationally-inspired baby and toddler food company introducing babies to big flavors, safe textures, and common allergens. Their chef-curated meals give kids the chance to experience tastes from around the world when they're most receptive to new flavors and textures—between 4 and 18 months—leading to a lifetime of adventurous eating. The entire team of Globowl is committed to giving back to the community and helping eliminate food insecurities in children. Erica has faced numerous challenges as a female mother founder, one of which is the guilt of balancing. Her solution? “I’ve decided to integrate my business into our family life so that my babies feel like they’re a part of it too—it’s not just ‘mommy’s.’ It’s theirs, it’s their father’s, and it’s our livelihood,” she explains.

Erica wants all our kids to develop a curiosity for the planet, and the people who inhabit it, along with a lifelong love and appreciation of food, adventure and interconnection. Join Erica and Globowl as we build a more inclusive, welcoming world through delicious, nutritious and exciting meals…one baby foodie at a time.

Hannah Rebernick (she/her) - Brand Designer

Hannah is a full-time freelance designer who works in close partnership with the Globowl team for all their design needs. With over 10 years of experience in branding and design, Hannah has worked on projects ranging from website overhauls to major CPG packaging. In addition to her work with Globowl she also collaborates with other women- and queer-owned brands and non-profit organizations. Outside of work, Hannah is a fiber artist, quilter, baker, cake decorator, and proud home cook who especially loves sharing food with friends and family.

Trish Geyer - Fractional CFO 

Trish is a proud graduate of Indiana University Kelley School of Business, Trish boasts over 15 years of experience in finance and accounting. She has worked in public accounting, Fortune 500 companies and several successful startups after leaving the corporate world. Beyond her role at Globowl, she owns a successful insurance agency and champions other women-owned businesses, embodying her commitment to empowerment and diversity in business. Outside of work, Trish enjoys camping with her husband and three kids and dedicates herself to uplifting her community through various non-profit groups. She brings both financial know-how and a love for exploration to everything she does.

Why Globowl - first and foremost, supporting an amazing leader and woman!  Secondly, I believe in the brand and what it is trying to do in our culture!

Johanna Mouyal (she/her) - Operations Lead

From Chicago by way of Miami by way of Paris, she joins our small, but growing team. Prior to Globowl, Johanna published a holistic-wellness book titled “Life Reset,” backed by over 200+ scientific citations on the latest research in nutrition, fitness, meditation, and more. She loves being able to combine her passions for entrepreneurship, nutrition and kids in her day-to-day at Globowl as Operations Lead. She graduated from Babson College and worked for a private label wine company while writing her book. In her free time, you will find her hosting people for Shabbat dinners, exploring Chicago's music and restaurant scene, or going to spin class - AKA a party on a bike!

Karen Imes - Marketing Coordinator

As a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of experience, Karen’s communication expertise is planning and executing communication and media actions across all digital channels. Outside of her professional life, Karen is a dedicated single mom of four kids, ranging from 25 to 15, balancing youth travel sports - volleyball and softball with the enjoyment of game and wine nights with the 'mom squad'. Karen, her partner Jake and 2 youngest enjoy spending time in Indiana & Michigan especially outdoors, fishing, hiking, and enjoying the beaches of Lake Michigan.

Why Globowl - I'm a proud momma to four kids who are all very different.  My first child (who is going to be 25 this year) had lots of food intolerances, probably because I boiled all-the-things and over-sanitized everything. I only fed him one-note foods and not much variety.  My fourth child grew up with less attention to sanitization and basically ate whatever we were eating due to ease and just exposure to the other kids' plates. She's never sick, she loves all the foods and also really enjoys cooking new recipes from TikTok.  I believe in doing what is best for your children and I love the journey of motherhood - we learn as we go and from each other. I wish Globowl meals were around when raising my littles. Globowl solves so many things early on - like picky-eating and allergies. 

Julie Bombacino - Advisor

Why Globowl – I love companies that challenge any industry’s “the way it’s always been done” standard (In this case, the way it’s always been done is only the past 50 years or so…prior to that parents fed their babies smaller pieces of what they were eating. There was no jarred, single-ingredient baby food!) The texture, the flavors, the introduction to culture  - what’s not to love!?!